Business Meeting Activities To Get Your Employees Stimulated

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While there is negative stigma around starting off a business meeting with an icebreaker, they are great ways to improve team building and give the mind a break! These are usually best for longer meetings, and can be used to start the day off with a good laugh. So the team will be ready to get down to business.

Here are some suggestions for business meeting icebreakers:

Peaks and Pits

This is always a great icebreaker to get some feedback from employees! Go around the room and have everyone list a peak and pit. They can be focused around their favorite/least favourite memory of the year, their favourite/least favourite company product (if applicable) or make one up that fits perfectly with the company.

How well do you know me?

Before the business meeting, have every employee write a fun fact about themselves. Put them on a piece of paper, without the author’s name then have employee guess which fact matches with which employee.

Candy Questions

 Bring a bag of skittles to the business meeting, and have employees grab as many as they want. Then have the employees answer the question associated with each colour. If an employee takes 5 skittles they have to answer 5 times depending on the colour.

  • Green — What’s your biggest goal for this year
  • Red — What’s your favorite workday snack?
  • Purple — What’s your favorite workday beverage?
  • Yellow — Favorite form of exercise?
  • Orange — Favorite way to de-stress after work?

You can do all these activities and get everyone involved at the best place to have a meeting – The Glenerin Inn. Take a look at their selection of great meeting rooms that cater to any business or function. Get your employees stimulated with a meeting that will always be remembered.


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