Kids Summer Entertainment & Activities in Toronto

Kids Entertainment Toronto

The summer is quickly approaching, which means the kids will be off from school pretty soon. Knowing that I will be taking care of my nieces and nephews for the summer months, I have been doing research on kids entertainment Toronto because I want to make sure this is their best summer yet!

Looking for a variety of kids activities, I have made this list so far:

  • Make a bird feeder
  • Paint a small canvas (found at the dollar store)
  • Local scavenger hunt with the neighbors
  • Visit the zoo
  • Go to local pool
  • Join a sports team (soccer, baseball etc.)
  • Spend a weekend away

I know the kids will love all of these activities, because they are always willing to try new things. As I continue to do my research on kids entertainment Toronto, I will need to keep expanding that list, and I know it won’t last me the entire summer!

One activity I recently found was visiting Chocolate Tales Kids. They offer day care programs for kids, where they will learn about the history of chocolate, and experience making exciting treats like truffles, lava cake and more! Looking into other customer reviews it sounds like a great place for kids to have fun, while learning. Have you ever left your kids in their day care program? If you have, let me know!


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